Feeling like the coolest kid in the room has always been at the heart of TVI. That is how it all began. TVI started as "The Vintage Influence"; designer Natasha Gabbayan's 5th grade fashion blog. Gabbayan had just been sentenced to 2 years of sporting a big, bulky Scoliosis brace. She knew she needed to stay stylish despite her new not so cute accessory. She frequented thrift stores, turning vintage tees into polished dresses while simultaneously turning what started as a nightmare into a fashion challenge. She used The Vintage Influence as a platform to share her "thrift flips" and explain the thought process and creative journey that went into creating each piece.

Though The Vintage Influence was originally born in 2006, what was then an undiscovered fashion blog on how to shop vintage, is now TVI, a source for shopping vintage. TVI is a hub for curated one of a kind pieces, made to help you feel good in your own skin and feel like the coolest kid in the room. 

At TVI, pre-loved is the new high-fashion. By repurposing and redesigning secondhand pieces, our mission is to modernize vintage and limit waste. With sustainability at the core of all TVI designs, we strive to protect our planet and encourage our customers to do the same by giving our second hand clothing a second life. 

While most charitable brands put sustainability first and fashion second, we think the two deserve an equal seat at the table. Nothing on TVI is sold solely because it is sustainable, it earned its seat for its originality and its ability to stand out.